Maxim Integrated Products is working on the way for next-generation consumer video conferencing solutions on HDTVs. At the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas, Maxim has demonstrated complete video camera solutions and reference designs that enable pioneering video conferencing features such as 1080p30 HD video, multi-party video, face detection, face tracking, 3D capture, and gesture recognition.

Maxim multi-party HDTV video Conferencing camera solution based on the Maxim MG3500 chipset enables up to four video calls at once to be held on any HDTV,and displayed at 720p30 resolution.

A typical TV system would not be able to process the amount of data needed to decode four video streams while encoding another HD resolution stream. The Maxim multi-party video feature enables this feature without adding any processing burden on the TV central processing unit (CPU).

Maxim also showcased video camera technology that enables pioneering TV video conferencing features including face detection, face tracking, 3D capture, and gesture recognition.

With its face detection feature, the next-generation Maxim video camera for TV not only tracks and digitally zooms in on a virtually unlimited number of faces; it can create a mosaic image with all of the faces “stitched” together. This advanced feature enables a clearer image with much better resolution on the individual faces, while at the same time opening new applications for consumers previously reserved for costly higher-end video conferencing systems often used in corporate environments.