Tektronix TG700 is a multiformat analog and digital video signal generation platform for testing video devices/equipment and video broadcasting applications. Designed with the changing needs of the video industry in mind, the TG700 offers sync pulse generation and test signal generation for a wide array of analog, serial digital, and digital high-definition formats such as HDTV tri-level, NTSC and PAL. It also supports GPS receiver for time frame synchronization to the GPS timing signals.

The TG700 Multiformat Video Signal Generator has a modular architecture that offers the flexibility to meet the single-format and growing multiformat needs of the video professionals. The TG700 mainframe Video Signal Generator allows the following addon video testing signal generator modules to be fitted in the mainframe:

  • AGL7 Analog Genlock Module for HDTV tri-level or NTSC or PAL
  • GPS7 GPS Synchronization and Time Code Module, an integrated GPS receiver which can serve as the system timing reference. Synchronization to the GPS timing signals ensures long-term stability, and video frame alignment between independent systems.
  • ATG7 Composite Analog Test Generator that supports PAL, NTSC, and NTSC No Setup.
  • AVG7 Analog Video Generator for 525/625 interlace formats supporting component (Y’P’bP’r, G,B,R, Y/C), 525 Beta, and composite (PAL, NTSC, NTSC No Setup).
  • AWVG7 Analog Wideband Video Generator that supports a variety of HD analog component formats (Y’P’bP’r or GBR).
  • AG7 Audio Generator, HDVG7 HD-SDI Digital Generator, HD/3G-SDI Test Signal Generator , etc.