Voice Coil Actuator Exploits Anti-Rotational Design To Ensure Accuracy

BEI Kimco Magnetics
November 15, 2016

The housed linear actuator Model LAH13-11-000A incorporates a shaft with flexures at both ends of travel that support the moving magnet field assembly. In addition to preventing shaft rotation inaccuracies, other characteristics attributed to the flexure design are the elimination of friction and side-loads at non-vertical angles, unwanted particulate accumulation caused from bearing/bushing shedding, and its inherent ability to return the magnet to mid-stroke when re-energized. The actuator delivers a peak force of 11.9 N and a continuous stall force of 0.7 N in a small, lightweight package that measures just 36.00 mm x 30.00 mm and weighs 0.22 lb. Accuracy is limited only by the user's encoder used for feedback and rigorous testing assures long life.

BEI Kimco
Vista, CA


Company BEI Kimco Magnetics
Country United States (USA)