VoIP is a phone call over the Internet. Basically, instead of using a traditional phone line, VoIP uses your internet connection to make a call much, much cheaper. VoIP companies and VoIP Phone service providers can offer much lower prices that traditional phone services. VoIP uses the power of technology to make phone calls easier, cheaper, and more reliable. If you make local, long distance, or international calls and you want to save money, you should use VoIP. VoIP uses your high speed Internet connection to bypass the old phone company and make calls for very low rates, and sometimes calls with VoIP can even be made for free. Whether it’s residential VoIP or business VoIP, you’ll save time and money.

VoIP comprises digital signals transmittable over broadband Internet, which broadens options for transfer of information and prevents losing phone calls and sometimes-great deals. The features such as voicemail for example to email are in most cases unavailable on traditional phone lines.

Residential VOIP Phone Services

Residential VoIP phone systems are generally much cheaper than traditional telephone systems. Most residential VoIP systems are provided by Hosted PBX providers, although there are other options. You get business quality phone service for your home, with the features including virtual phone numbers, internet fax, audio/video conferencing, etc.

VoIP phone service has tons more features, and is much cheaper than Plain Old Telephone Service. You really can save a lot of money. Plus, you can take your VoIP device with you when you travel — and anywhere you can plug into the Internet, you have a dial tone and phone service.

If VoIP does not work well for you (due to poor call quality), it is almost certainly caused by a poor quality high-speed Internet connection.

VoIP Business Phone Services

Reliable and affordable phone service is at the core of most modern businesses. In today’s business world, that can be achieved by taking advantage of the existing

VoIP communication technology. Dependable and reasonably priced phone service is the key of most contemporary businesses. The business world it would be unreasonable not to use the benefits of the available VoIP phone business system plans. Business VoIP is a result of improvement of the Internet connections over the years, while using VoIP Phones increases efficiency of any business.

At the end of the day it’s about the Return On Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your business phone services, and if the phones are down, that’s not good value. Generally business VoIP can impact both these metrics on a favorable basis.

Business VoIP means you don’t have to add new phone systems when you want to expand, you simply expand your current system. It gives you the sort of sophisticated communications streamlining you probably thought was out of your budget.

Business VoIP also proves itself to be much more flexible to handle mobile employees than traditional phone systems. And if your business is growing at all these days, you’ve got more people working remotely – from home, on the road and maybe even trying to collaborate with other remote employees. You need business VoIP to connect them.

The bottom line is that a business VoIP system lets you keep employees and customers connected anytime and anywhere, since one number works no matter what device the person’s on at the time, or the system can be programmed to let somebody else handle the call.

Because VoIP uses Internet lines, you can get far more functionality at a lower price than with traditional phone systems. You don’t need (to buy) separate voice and data systems, and calls can be smoothly rerouted from a desk phone to a mobile phone. Using such a system also lets you centralize administrative functions as well, which most small businesses find a boon, as well as the lower operational costs from having voice and data combined. Additionally, you can usually you can buy or lease equipment with business VoIP, whatever works for your budget.

Features of VoIP Phone System

  • Reliable and Secure
  • Audio/Video conferencing
  • Portability – you can use anywhere internet available
  • Business Quality Phone Service
  • Real Time Management via Web Portal
  • Rationalise Costs
  • Consolidated Billing