Elektrobit (EB) Corporation, a developer of cutting-edge embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, introduced the EB Tough VoIP Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector- a complementary accessory to its Tough VoIP product portfolio. The new Tough VoIP PoE Injector is a network-agnostic solution that provides PoE-supported data interfaces to tactical military communications equipment.

A relatively new approach to powering communications equipment for military use, PoE is a flexible option for providing both secure data connections and the required power supply needed to perform tactical military communication. EB’s compact Tough VoIP PoE Injector is a unique solution for the military environment that can easily make communications equipment PoE-ready. By deploying the Tough VoIP PoE Injector, military personnel gain the flexibility to combine data and power supply over a single Ethernet cable-all without the costly need to rip-and-replace their current communications infrastructure.

“We’ve seen similar Power over Ethernet accessories used in traditional commercial markets, yet recognized the need to bring this type of solution to the niche military communications space,” said Mikko Viitaniemi, Senior Manager, Defense Products, EB Wireless Solutions. “Our goal was to improve the interoperability of different equipment and platforms in tactical communications environments by developing and extending the Tough VoIP product portfolio. We believe today’s introduction of the rugged and durable Tough VoIP PoE Injector meets this objective.”

The EB Tough VoIP PoE Injector is useful in the military field environment, as it has the capability to utilize vehicular power supplies that are available. The device can combine vehicular power supplies in the voltage range of 10-30V DC with regular Ethernet data, while providing a PoE-supported Ethernet connection for user devices-whether they are EB Tough VoIP products or third party equipment.

Mikko Viitaniemi, continued, “As military applications and communications equipment rely more heavily on robust, power-intensive devices, the Tough VoIP PoE Injector becomes more critical in tactical use. By deploying the Tough VoIP PoE Injector, military operations gain enhanced communications as greater broadband data connectivity can be delivered to the field, vehicles, and on-the-ground command posts.”

The EB Tough VoIP solution is a robust, highly-reliable, ruggedized IP-based communications system. For more information about EB Tough VoIP products, visit: www.elektrobit.com

News Source: ElektroBit News Room