Defense Solutions’ VPX6-197 is the latest generation OpenVPX-compliant 6U single-board
computer (SBC) that combines the performance and the I/O capabilities of the
NXP’s Power Architecture quad-core AltiVec-enabled T2080 processor. The
VPX6-197 will be supported by Curtiss-Wright’s U-Boot, VxWorks, NXP-based SDK
Linux, and Green Hills INTEGRITY board support packages and driver suite.





for space constrained applications, the VPX6-197 combines the processing power
of quad-core dual threaded 64-bit Altivec-enabled Power Architecture
non-throttling computing with a rich I/O complement which includes four Gigabit
Ethernet (GbE) ports (up to 2 x 1000BASE-KX and a maximum of 4 x 1000BASE-T),
EIA-232/422 serial channels, discrete and differential digital I/O, USB 2.0
ports and SATA interfaces. For the backplane fabric, the VPX6-197 provides four
10GBASE-KR ports on the VPX P1 connector. For mezzanine support, it provides
one XMC site with a full complement of XMC I/O to the backplane, and one
PMC/XMC site to support either an XMC or legacy PMC mezzanines. For
applications requiring more mezzanine sites or interconnect, the VPX6-197
provides PCI Express expansion plane capability to support a various number of
port widths.


in a full range of environmental build grades, the VPX6-197 is targeted to the
challenging data and digital signal processing needs of tactical aircraft,
armored vehicles and harsh environment naval systems. For retrofit and
technology insertion applications, the VPX6-197 offers a superset of the I/O
features of earlier generations of Curtiss-Wright’s VPX6-185 and VPX6-187 Power
Architecture SBCs. As a member of Curtiss-Wright’s continuously evolving stream
of VPX Power Architecture SBCs including the VPX6-185 and the VPX6-187, the
VPX6-197 supports the life-cycle model of successive technology insertions
throughout a platform’s lifetime.  Curtiss-Wright: