How the IoT will make our lives better


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Is the Internet of Things just another new technology
fad? If you ask tech industry professionals, consumers, media, analysts and
even the vendors who make and market IoT solutions, products and services, you
will discover that there is a lot of confusion about what the Internet of
Things is.  

First of all, the name “Internet of Things”, also known
as IoT, can be misleading. 

Actually, there is no specific internet of things. The
Internet of Things lives and runs over the regular internet, just like every
other connected computer, online game box, video streaming device or
smartphone. It is no surprise that many companies prefer to talk about the
Internet of Everything (IoE), and probably rightly so, as it is a better term
that describes the reality of what universal connectivity really encompasses.

The internet itself is essentially a communication
infrastructure that connects all devices in the world. Companies and people
access it through a service provider, whether a telecom, cable or satellite
operator, or by connecting to hotspots almost anywhere in the world.

Describing the Internet of Things sounds more like
connecting a “thing” to the internet. This immediately leads to the question:
what are the goals and benefits for the user? This question is becoming more
important, and the answers more relevant, because IoT is being hyped today,
setting people up for disillusionment – unless we understand what this
connectivity is really all about. 

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