As in many other applications, often it is not advisable or simply technically not feasible to install the encoder straight at the drive train to detect the speed of a conveyor belt. Any slip occurring at the belt may cause measuring errors, or equipment requires retrofitting a speed feedback system to synchronize the conveyor speed with the following process steps. Typical fields of application are labelling operations in the packaging or bottling process and observation of defined time intervals, for example where material has to be conveyed through a heating furnace or oven. Measuring wheel encoders are virtually predestined to master such tasks and they also convince in letter and parcel sorting facilities as well as in the textile and printing industry.

Wheel Encoder for Industrial Conveyor Speed MesurementThe Baumer measuring wheel encoder MA20 provides eased, flexible and dependable position and speed feedback straight at the conveyor. The two-in one device unites a high-resolution optical incremental encoder and a precision measuring wheel with a suspended arm bracket (photo). Low conveyor speeds call for high resolutions. Thanks to the patented LowHarmonics technology the encoder is capable of 25.000 ppr allowing for ultra-precise measuring results even at very low speed. 16 predefined resolutions between 100 and 25.000 ppr can be conveniently selected using the HEX switch. Thus, the multi-purpose device covers varied application requirements which will keep product variety and inventory costs at a minimum. The continuously adjustable contact pressure ensures reliable surface contact without slip even in alternating application conditions.

The wear-resistant measuring wheel with 200 mm circumference is available with various rubber hardnesses to ensure optimal adhesion to the measured material. The pivoting, height-adjustable arm bracket allows for quick and easy installation. The measuring wheel encoder operates on a supply voltage between 4.75 and 30 VDC, e-connection is by 8-pin M12 connector. With high-class IP64 protection in its standard configurations and enduring ambient temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +85 °C, the measuring wheel encoder defys even harsh operating conditions.