Wideband signal analysis solution

The RSA7100A wideband signal analysis solution from Tektronix can store up to two hours of data from an 800MHz bandwidth feed. Covering frequencies ranging from 16kHz to 26.5GHz, the device is said to address a broad range of analysis needs.

According to the company, designers of radar and communications systems and components need to perform modulation and pulse analyses at wider bandwidth. Spectrum managers, it adds, need to record and analyse hours of wide bandwidth data. Equipment to meet these requirements can be very expensive, it claims, often requiring piecemeal solutions from multiple vendors or limited use, purpose-built equipment.

The RSA7100A is said to reduce the cost of wideband signal capture, recording and analysis, while increasing the likelihood of capturing wideband signal transients. The instrument can trigger on and measure signals with durations of 700ns in the frequency domain in real time, while offering signal analysis using SignalVu-PC RF and vector analysis software.

Graham Pitcher

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