CSR has announced its latest Bluetooth and WiFi chipset CSR9100 for smartphones and tablets, adding WiFi Direct, Bluetooth low energy, and HD Voice. “WiFi Direct is a standard from the WiFi Alliance that defines new ways for WiFi devices to connect to each other,” said CSR. “It allows users to turn their phones into mobile hotspots, providing the ability to share files from device to device or use another device’s 3G data pipe.”

Wifi & Bluetooth Chipset Apllications
There are two modes of operation within WiFi Direct.

The first makes a device into a hotspot, more formerly known as an access point, allowing a number of WiFi nodes to connect to it and share services. “This functionality also enables the mobile warrior use case in which users can share 3G or 4G data pipes with a number of stations connected to it via WiFi,” said CSR.

The second mode is point-to-point, where WiFi devices will make direct connections to print, sync, and share content without an access point or router. Bluetooth low energy is part of Bluetooth 4.0 and sprang out of Nokia’s Wibree programme.

Once also called Bluetooth ULP (ultra-low power), it allows short-range wireless connections to be made. Power is low – it will replace many proprietary short range RF protocols as well as infra-red links in mouses, keyboards, TV remote controls and personal area network – for example those beginning to appear for medical monitoring.

Source: http://www.csr.com/news/