AT4 Wireless offers a wide range of test systems for Conformance and Development testing for WiMAX. AT4 Wireless WiMAX RF and Protocol Conformance Test system performs testing according to WiMAX Mobile Radio Conformance Test Specification defined by ETSI. It supports the applicable tests for WiMAX certification of Base Stations (BS) and Mobile Stations (MS). It has the features of: Test Case Logging, analysis, and report generation, user friendly environment, reliability and repeatability.

WiMAX Protocol Tester AnalyzerAT4 Wireless WiMAX RF Protocol Conformance Testing System support the profiles defined by the WiMAX Forum:
 – Profile 1A (MP01): 2.3GHz, 8.75MHz
 – Profile 1B (MP02): 2.3GHz, 5MHz, 10MHz
 – Profile 3A (MP05): 2.5GHz, 5MHz, 10MHz
 – Profile 5AL (MP09), 5BL (MP10) and 5CL (MP12): 3.5GHz, 5MHz, 7MHz and 10MHz

WiMAX RF Protocol Testing Systems from AT4-Wireless

  • WiMAX Radio Conformance Test System – MINT T2110 is a WiMAX Forum Validated test system used for radio conformance testing of Mobile WiMAX devices according to the WiMAX specifications based on IEEE 802.16e-2005. It also supports Radio Requirement Testing (RRT) Requirements for WiMAX Forum Certification
  • Pre-RCT for WiMAX – MiNT T2100 Pre-RCT for WiMAX provides a set of RF and physical layer tests and allows validation of the design prior to conformance testing. MiNT T2100 has been designed to perform as a Mobile Station and Base Station Emulator meeting the requirements established by WiMAX Forum.
  • WiMAX Protocol Conformance Test System – MiNT T223x Protocol Conformance Test System covers the official test cases for certification of Base Stations (BS) and Mobile Stations (MS) according to the validated ETSI conformance test cases.