insulation displacement connector (IDC) from Keystone facilitates wire
connections without stripping wires. It neatly pierces the wire insulation and
makes a secure connection without needing wire nuts or electrical tape.

Keystone’s new
connector has a copper contact housed inside of a durable translucent
polycarbonate, which allows it to carry out the visual inspection of the
connections. Moreover, it permits the i-Clamp connectors the voltage usage of
up to 277 Vac.


The new
connectors are able to withstand shock and vibration and can be used with wires
from 10 to 22 AWG. Also, these i-Clamp connectors are available in three
different versions in order to accommodate all common wire connectivity

The T-Series wire connectors are
used for branching off a common wire run to ensure a connection without cutting
or stripping insulation. Next, the Two-Way
Series of i-Clamp connectors feature a unique dual channel that enables
pre-assembly to a component or fixture.

once installed, wiring can be completed by simply attaching the other clamp
channel to the existing wiring. Finally, the One-Way Series wire connectors splice several lines together more
securely than traditional methods of twisting wires together and holding in
place with an electrical nut and tape.