Molex LLC has introduced its EdgeLock wire-to-signal card connector,
which ensures a direct and secure mating with a centered positive lock to the
PCB edge card. The 2.00-mm-pitch EdgeLock connector also saves space and
reduces assembly time. Target applications include consumer electronics and

The connector replaces the typical soldered header, eliminating
the need for a mating header assembly, which also lowers assembly cost. Other
features include a polarization rib on the connector housing that prevents
mis-mating to the PCB and a dual cantilever crimp terminal design with embossed
contact points that is said to offer greater normal force for long-term
electrical reliability. The connectors support 3-A maximum current.

EdgeLock system also features a latch that allows the assembly to be quickly
removed from the PCB, enabling easier system rework. The PA46 resin material is
low-halogen, which is suitable for high-temperature environments.