new wire-to-board (WTB) connectors from AVX are designed to replace
hand-soldered connections and two-piece connectors in densely populated PCBs
for industrial, consumer, smart grid, and secure socket layer (SSL)

00-9296 Series connectors facilitate wire terminations with single-position,
vertical, top-entry, and poke-home connectors for discrete 18–22 AWG solid or
stranded wire. They offer a viable substitute for labor-intensive and
inconsistent hand-soldered connections as well as costly two-piece connector
solutions available in perpendicular and low-pin-count configurations.


new wire-to-board connectors feature a pre-plated phosphor bronze box contact
that is single-beam as well as stamped and formed. This maximizes board
attachment strength, exhibits high-spring force and robust resistance against
fatigue and corrosion, and securely captures and retains 18–22 AWG wire to
ensure maximum electrical integrity.

new connectors also feature an optimum X-Y footprint that is 23% smaller than
the next-smallest vertical poke-home solution from AVX. That eases design-in on
densely populated boards.

there is an integral, molded flange that replaces costly Kapton tape, which
provides a generous vacuum pick-up point for automated SMT placement. AVX’s new
connectors are rated for three cycles and a minimum of 600 Vac and up to 8 A.
The operating temperatures extend from –40°C to 130°C.

The WTB connectors also feature UL-approved,
color-coded insulators that make it easy for users to match discrete wires for
error-free termination in multiple-wiring applications. They are available with
eight insulator colors: brown, blue, yellow, red, green, orange, black, and