Xsens MTw™ is a small, highly accurate wireless inertial 3D motion tracker. for ambulatory 3D kinematic measurements – building on Xsens’ 10 years of leadership in inertial sensor technology for measuring real-time 3D motion in applications of Biomechanics, Robotics, Research, Rehabilitation, Gait analysis, Sports and Ergonomics. One of the unique features of the MTw™ is the Awinda™ radio protocol which ensures highly accurate time synchronization within the wireless network. In fact, the time synchronization is so accurate that it is comparable to the wired measurement systems from Xsens currently in use at hundreds of research institutes around the world.

Wireless 3D Motion Sensor for Human Motion Tracking & Kinematic MeasurementThe Xsens MTw™ brings the unobtrusiveness and ease of use of wireless technology to inertial 3D motion tracking. “The goal we have with this product is to further enhance the freedom of movement that inertial sensor technology brings to the field of 3D kinematics measurement systems by making our sensors wireless” says Colleen Monaghan, Product Manager Movement Science of Xsens. “Losing the cables makes the system easier to put on and more comfortable to wear; something that is essential when working with patients outside laboratory settings. However, while making the product wireless, there was no question on compromising on accuracy – at any level. In fact, the MTw is our smallest and most accurate motion tracker ever.”

Xsens’ small and highly accurate (AHRS) products are used in a variety of industrial applications. The real-time computed attitude and heading are used for orientation control, stabilization and navigation within marine, ground and air applications. Xsens’ extensive research efforts result in continuously enhanced software and latest hardware technology using miniature MEMS inertial technology (IMU).