STMicroelectronics’ plug-and-play wireless charging development kit includes everything needed to create small chargers up to 2.5 W for wearables and IoT devices

By Warren Miller, contributing writer

recently unveiled the STEVAL-ISB045V1 wireless battery charger
development kit for creating compact chargers for wearable and IoT devices. Included
in the plug-and-play kit is everything you need — software, documentation,
reference boards, and hardware — to construct and support small wireless
chargers up to 2.5 W with a space-saving 20-mm diameter coil for charging small
devices such as smartwatches, sports gear, and health care equipment.

The development
kit is built on the STWBC-WA wireless charging transmitter
controller, which is comprised of integrated drivers, to support full- and
half-bridge topologies for powering the antenna. Half-bridge designs can use an
even smaller diameter coil while charging up to 1 W for a smaller form factor. The
chip can function as a turnkey solution or be customized for specific
applications by using various APIs to access on-chip peripherals including an ADC,
a UART, and GPIOs.

supports all common wireless charging features, including active presence
detection for safe charging and foreign object detection. The chip also employs
digital feedback to adjust power transmission levels to ensure optimal
efficiency at all load conditions.

The kit includes
a charging base unit that contains the transmitter board with the 20-mm coil,
connected and ready to use, and a dongle for running the GUI. Designers can use
the PC-based STWS-STWBCGUI software to configure the controller chip to monitor
runtime operations like power delivery, protocol status, bridge frequency, and
demodulation quality.

chargers for wearable and IoT devices capable of charging up to 2.5 W are
easily developed with STMicroelectronics’ STEVAL-ISB045V1 wireless charging kit, which is
currently available for $42. The STWBC-WA transmitter controller ICs are in
production and priced from $2.82 per unit (VFQFPN32 package) for orders of 1,000
units. You can find out more about the kit and order it here.