GENTAG Inc. is pioneering the use of disposable wireless diagnostic sensors combined with NFC cell phones or tablets to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone worldwide. GENTAG has patented some of the RFID smart skin-patch technology, including: Glucose-monitoring skin patch, Cardiac-monitoring skin patch, Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation monitoring skin patch, Biomarker skin test patch, Diabetes Skin Patches, Fever diagnostic skin patches, Asthma Detection skin patches.

Wireless Medical Diagnostics Skin Patch Body SensorsThe patented GENTAG technology provides the basis for the creation of the next generation of wireless technology, combining low cost NFC consumer cell phones, wireless networks, geolocation and disposable wireless sensors for various market applications. Disposable wireless sensors called RFID sensors can be read by NFC cell phones or tablets using a proprietary process and are anticipated to replace more expensive wireless sensor technologies, such as Bluetooth, in a variety of market applications.

Wireless Medical Diagnostics using Skin Patch Body SensorsRFID sensors can be integrated into low cost, non-invasive, disposable diagnostic devices such as “smart” disposable wireless skin patches or personal drug delivery systems and read directly with a cell phone under existing GENTAG/Altivera patents. GENTAG’s patented “smart” skin-patch technology combines low-cost, disposable RFID sensors with an adhesive skin patch. As with most of GENTAG’s sensor technologies, these disposable, non-invasive “smart” skin patches are directly readable with RFID-enabled cell phones, PDAs or wireless laptops.

GENTAG Patented RFID Diagnostic Skin-Patches

  • Glucose-monitoring skin patch – For instant Diabetes testing wirelessly
  • Cardiac-monitoring skin patch – for Remote Monitoring of Heart Patients
  • Patient ID and fever onset bandage, integrating GENTAG’s proprietary sensor circuit in a disposable skin patch. Applications include using cell phones for remotely patient monitoring in hospitals, or remotely monitoring the well-being of elderly relatives or friends via cell phones or the Internet.
  • Asthma prevention Skin Patches – Use cell phone for consumers suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or chemically-induced asthma.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation monitoring skin patch – Radiation, Chemical and Biological Detection Cell Phones
  • Biomarker skin test patch – Cell Phone Immunoassays for on-the-spot diagnostics and remote monitoring of results, anywhere. Applications include pathogen detection, trace analysis detection in foods (e.g. peanuts) and food safety, women’s health, and Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic applications.
  • Diabetes Skin Patches for Diabetes Monitoring Using Cell Phones – A special area of emphasis is diabetes monitoring with cell phones using a new painless glucose sampling technology integrated into a smart sensor skin patch.