Duracell myGrid’s drop-and-go technology makes charging your mobile devices effortless while also getting rid of cord clutter. Just put a Power Sleeve™ or Power Clip™ on each of your handheld devices and then simply place them on myGrid to charge.


The myGrid Cell Phone Starter Kit comes with a Power Clips and Sleeves designed for Apple® 3G and 3GS iPhones, BlackBerry®, Motorola® and Nokia® cell phones. myGrid works with most cell phones, handheld devices and MP3 players.

Also it is possible possible to charge multiple devices at a time using myGrid wireless charger.

Duracell has introduced a new myGrid USB Charger that is compatible with the company’s own myGrid wireless charging pad. The charger uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that recharges the batteries of other devices such as cellphones, e-readers and tablets through a USB port. Cellphone batteries are said to be boosted by up to four hours, while an e-reader’s life can be extended by up to 100 hours.