Sensonor SP400-series is a high accuracy wireless digital absolute pressure sensor. The SP400 series is a fully calibrated and digital absolute pressure sensors with programmable, embedded 8051 microcontrollers and RF transmitters. Programming and debugging is via an I2C interface. Flexible and customer specified application communication is available via general purpose I/O pins, the RF transmitter and a two channel LF receiver. Sophisticated features like electronic ID, temperature measurement, supply voltage measurement, diagnostics and optional on-chip accelerometer are available.

SP400 is a fully calibrated and compensated sensor with an embedded RISC micro controller. It is available in 4 pressure ranges from 150kPa(22psi) to 2000kPa(290psi). SP400 has 3 customer configurable I/O pins that can support specific tasks tied to the application requirement. The sensor’s firmware can be customized to control its measurement cycles and processing of the measured data. The SP400 has a built in RF transmitter and supports communication over 315MHz and 433MHz with adjustable transmitting power. It has a built in LF receiver unit enabling two way communication. In addition to accurate pressure data, the sensor will output its individual serial number, sensor temperature, and supply voltage, along with continuous self-diagnostics data.

All of these features are offered in a small 14 pin SOIC package with optional pressure tube connection and an optional on-chip accelerometer that supports operating temperatures from -40 to 125degC. The reliability sensor design is proven by more than 300 million installed units and a failure rate of less than 0.2 parts per million.

The sensor is ideal for battery powered applications. It eliminates expensive wiring to the pressure sensors, or a separate design to integrate RF transmitter and microcontrollers. The SP400 sensor will add flexibility, cost savings, and increased reliability to applications where accurate, flexible and wireless pressure measurement solutions are needed.