Agilent Technologies introduced the E5072A vector network analyzer for wireless RF network testing measurement and analysis. The Agilent ENA Series network analyzers offer a wide range of LF to RF solutions, from very low cost basic S-parameter measurements to advanced multiport and balanced measurements. E5072A RF network analyzer is designed to meet multiple network analysis needs, and offers efficiency and flexibility for both manufacturing and R&D applications in the wireless communications, automotive, semiconductor and medical industries, among others.

E5072A RF network analyzer is available as either a two-port, 30-kHz to 4.5-GHz or 8.5-GHz instrument. the E5072A offers improved performance over current RF network analyzers, enhanced functionality, a configurable test set, and a wide output power level for full characterization of devices. Such capabilities make it ideal for RF antenna test as well as high-power, power amplifier and high-rejection filter measurements.

The E5072A, available with a sweep time of 4 ms with 401 points, is designed for cost-sensitive manufacturing customers requiring higher performance than comparably priced RF network analyzers. It addresses this need by delivering enhanced capability and performance at an affordable cost.

The E5072A offers enhanced functionality and additional capability based on the ENA Series platform. A configurable test set allows users access to the instrument’s internal source and receivers, which extends its dynamic range of forward measurements up to 151 dB. It also allows users to add components in support of a wider range of applications. Additionally, the E5072A features a wide output power level, up to +20 dBm, for measuring the compression characteristics of active devices without added amplifiers. Characterization of an active device’s linear and nonlinear region can be achieved with a single power sweep.