RF Monolithics (RFM), a leader in M2M wireless technology, introduced two additions to the Company’s RFM2M brand of Machine to Machine (M2M) Wireless Sensor Network Platform (WSN) building block products – the battery-powered SN2430R420 wireless sensor modem and LG2430E wireless sensor gateway. Multiple SN2430R420 sensor modems and an LG2430E sensor gateway create a sensor data collection platform for application developers and system integrators looking to deliver a complete wireless sensor network or M2M wireless solution. Modular Sensor Modems and Gateways provide application developers and systems integrators a variety of sensor and RF capabilities in Ready-to-Install products.

Likewise, the SN240R420 sensor modem is an ideal peel-and-stick wireless sensor network product because it does not require AC mains-power or data cables, and is designed to possess data collection or sensor monitoring capabilities integrated with wireless data transmission with best-in-class 802.15.4 radio technology. Therefore, no electrician or IT specialist is needed to run power or IT cables. Using 100mW 802.15.4 radio technology, the SN2430R420 sensor modem sends sensor data over ranges up to 500 meters to the LG2430E sensor gateway which provides connection to servers or the Internet over Ethernet networks. Operating on either Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) or AA Alkaline batteries, the SN2430R420 sensor modem can provide years of battery life.

The LG2430E wireless sensor gateway supports a variety of protocols to connect to databases or legacy applications. Included in the list are Amazon’s SimpleDB, Pachube, HTTP Posts, and Modbus/TCP. The gateway has the ability to store sensor data in the event network or Internet connectivity is lost. Development of an LG2430 sensor gateway with cellular connectivity is nearing completion.

RFM wireless sensor network products support a variety of Internet and cloud protocols that collect the data and send it to the Internet, the Cloud, or servers where applications access the data. Using a modular design approach, both the SN2430R420 and LG2430E can be easily customized for specific applications as well as easily configured for different RF technologies such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, WirelessHART, and FHSS. The SN2430R240 is easily modified to accept current transformers, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, strain sensors, and many other sensor types. As long as the same RF technology is used, SN2430s with different sensor inputs can be combined in a single network.