will release the 900-W CGHV14800
GaN HEMT at European Microwave Week 2016, which takes place October 3rd−7th in
London. It delivers a minimum of 800-W pulsed power at 1.2−1.4 GHz and 50-V
operation with better than 65% drain efficiency. The HEMT features high-efficiency, high-gain, and wide-bandwidth capabilities, which makes it suitable
for L-band radar amplifier applications, including: air traffic control radar,
penetration radar, antimissile system radar, target-tracking radar, and
long-range surveillance radar.



Internally matched on input and output, the 900-W, 50-V GaN HEMT also exhibits 14-dB power gain and

Compared to
conventional silicon (Si) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) devices, this GaN-on-SiC
RF device delivers a higher breakdown voltage, higher temperature operation,
higher efficiency, higher thermal conductivity, higher power density, and wider
bandwidths, all of which are critical for achieving smaller, lighter, and more
efficient microwave and RF products. In addition to L-Band radar power
amplifiers, the GaN-on-SiC RF devices are also enabling next-generation
broadband, public safety, and ISM amplifiers; broadcast, satellite, and tactical
communications amplifiers; UAV data links; cellular infrastructure; test
instrumentation; and two-way private radios.


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