X-band Synthesizer and Upconverter Touts Low Phase Noise and Harmonics

TRAK Microwave
September 30, 2016

TRAK Microwave has added SYN152, an X-band Direct Synthesizer/Upconverter, to its range of product offerings. The synth features four x2, x3, x4, and x17 multiplied output ports with various powers in either the L-, S-, or X-bands as well as a X-band BIT detector. With UHF input power at -6 dBm, this synthesizer can output 0 dBm in the S-band, 2 dBm in the X3 L-band, 4 dBm in the X2 L-band, and 10 dBm in the X-band. The SYN152 exhibits low residual phase noises, a fast LVTTL switching of 50 ns between the multiplied X-band output and the IF supplied output, and excellent harmonics of -65 dBc in a low profile, hermetically sealed, and laser welded package. A datasheet is located at http://www.trak.com/Files/Products/syn152.pdf

TRAK Microwave
Tampa, FL


Company TRAK Microwave
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