Temporal Comparison software from Riverain Technologies, is an image registration and enhancement technology that accentuates changes between patient X-ray images taken at different times by forming a difference image between the current and prior chest X-ray. Riverain’s Temporal Comparison Technology automatically processes the current and prior images to provide immediate display of the temporal comparison image within the existing patient file on any existing PACS viewer.

X-Ray Images Comparison Software

Temporal Comparison Software shows clear difference between current and prior chest X-ray images

Temporal Comparison Software provides a clear illustration of density changes between current and prior chest X-ray images. It enables Radiologists to discover the unseen diagnostic potential in a current X-ray image by comparing it to historical images, allowing earlier disease detection and improved patient outcomes without additional radiation dose. The first-of-its-kind technology zeros in on differences between current and prior chest X-rays of the same patient, drawing attention to what may be an emerging or enlarging tumor.

At present, doctors place current and previous X-rays side by side to determine if there are changes in the lung tissue. Growths or infections show up in gradations of white, as do bones, the heart and other structures, making it difficult to detect changes, especially subtle ones. Riverain’s Bone Suppression software removes the bones from the image, then Riverain’s Temporal Comparison software accentuates changes between the two images, making any differences more conspicuous.

Radiologists now have a scientifically based and clinically tested tool to perform an analysis that up until this point has been performed by eye. A clinical trial has shown that Riverain’s Temporal Comparison Technology significantly improves the detection of nodules. This software electronically compares current and prior chest X-ray images and can help identify nodules that may be early-stage lung cancer, when there are more treatment options.

Key Advantages of Temporal Comparison Software

  • Helps Radiologists identify subtle differences
  • Improves nodule detection
  • Increases accuracy
  • No additional radiation dose or patient procedure
  • Automatically loads image into the patient’s file for instant accessibility
  • Facilitates comparison of prior and current studies with a scientifically validated approach rather than comparison by eye
  • Seamless integration with PACS systems