ZigBee Remote Control provides a global standard for advanced, greener and easy-to-use RF remotes that removes line-of-sight restrictions while also delivering two-way communication, longer range of use and extended battery life. It was designed for a variety of consumer electronic devices including HDTV, home theater equipment, set-top boxes and other audio equipment.

Since ZigBee Remote Control replaces 30+ year old infrared technology, it frees consumers from pointing remotes at devices. It offers consumers more flexibility, allowing control of devices from nearby rooms and placement of those devices almost anywhere – including behind wood, interior walls or glass. A greener choice, ZigBee Remote Controls are more energy efficient and last longer than infrared.

The ZigBee Remote Control standard was designed exclusively for use on the ZigBee RF4CE specification.

ZigBee Remote Control simplifies how consumers control and use CE devices of many types. Here are three scenarios demonstrating how ZigBee Remote Control delivers advanced control:

  1. Home Theater Experience
    • Simply insert a DVD into player
      • TV automatically selects correct input for viewing DVD
      • Surround sound system automatically switches to DVD listening mode
      • Remote control automatically switches modes to control DVD
      • Set top box and other components not needed switch off
      • Lights dim to desired setting
      • Curtains/shades close
  2. Media Center Control
    • Hardware typically in different room from entertainment center
    • Contains content like music, photos and movies that is streamed to or from entertainment center
    • Advanced remote control with LCD or DTV/STB GUI overlay capability allows for remote navigation of content


  3. In-System Remote Control Programming
    • Remotes can ship without code and learn supported product features on initial power up
    • OEM can send firmware updates that add features or fixes bugs after product ships