Plugwise introduced the Scan and Sense modules, which monitor light, motion, occupancy, temperature, and relative humidity to provide insight into climatic conditions of individual rooms, optimize comfort, and reduce energy consumption. Switch your appliances on and off when necessary, even when you are not present. The Plugwise system centralizes control of energy consumption of individual devices. You can control all equipment that has been connected to Plugwise, from one location.

Plugwise Scan & Sense Zigbee Sensor System for Automatic Appliance Control and Building Power ManagementThe Plugwise Scan light sensor and motion detector automatically turns on lighting and devices at the moment that they are needed. The scan also records the capacity utilisation. In combination with Plugwise software, you have the ultimate tools for obtaining insight into how efficiently a building is being used.

Plugwise Sense is a new module for the Plugwise ZigBee network and provides measurement of temperature and relative humidity and stores this data in its memory. With Sense, using the Plugwise software, you can obtain detailed insight into the variation of the climate conditions per room. With this information, you can optimise not only the energy management of the building, but also the comfort. In combination with the Scan, you gain insight into the efficiency of a building and Floorplan Control integrates the data into your building floor plans. In this way, for example, you can clearly see whether the most heavily used rooms also have the optimum climate.