Libelium launched its Smart Parking sensor technology to be integrated in the Waspmote Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network platform. The new Smart Parking sensor – part of Libelium’s Smart Cities solution – is designed to be buried in parking spaces and to detect the arrival and departure of vehicles. The Smart Parking platform will allow system integrators to offer comprehensive parking management solutions to city councils. By providing accurate information on available parking spaces, motorists save time and fuel and cities reduce atmospheric pollution and congestion.

Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network Based Smart Parking SystemSystems based on Libelium’s new Smart Parking sensor platform enable drivers to find free parking spaces quickly and efficiently. Efficient parking not only means happier motorists, but also reduces CO2 emissions, saves fuel and helps minimise traffic jams. Smart Parking sensors can be buried in parking spaces and communicate with the rest of the sensor network using Waspmote’s ZigBee wireless radio transmission.

Smart parking sensors communicate with their gateway via zigbee wireless radios at either 2.4GHz or 868/900MHz frequency range. For 2.4 GHz ZigBee connections, mesh networks are implemented with routing motes located in street lights. For the lower frequency radios, it is possible for parking sensors to communicate directly with the gateway as the propagation distance is longer.